Science is the knowledge of consequences,
and dependence of one fact upon another
Anonymous: Have you ever been depressed, had low confidence or lost?

I’ve never suffered from clinical depression or felt lost about who I am and I’m very vein so I’ve never had low confidence about me, but, everybody has moments in life where sadness, confusion, not knowing how to proceed or where to go and questioning yourself, your motives and the way you look happen and I’m no exception. These situations, for me, are usually connected to my academic goals.

-Mary Eichholz
Anonymous: when are you leaving, are you having a going away party or should we throw you one #spartanforife

Between Canada day and the 4th of July. No. We’re just quietly leaving town.

-Mary Eichholz

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Mourining gown for Cersei, Zuhair Murad
The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.
"Merely existing in comfort is not living."
Dan Howell, an internet cult leader (via gozdesbrain)

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